Catholic Wholesale


Catholic Wholesale is on a mission to provide premium quality Catholic jewelry to customers around the world. Details matter to us and we consider each of our customers as our team members. Since 2008, our team has been constantly growing to the mutual satisfaction of us and our customers.

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About us

We have been connecting Catholic jewelry stores from the United States with proven jewelry manufacturers in Europe for 16 years. We have been working with large stores as well as humanitarian organizations for many years, ensuring the desired design, quality workmanship, and timely delivery of products. The best jewelry manufacturers throughout Europe have been our partners for more than a decade.
If you need Catholic jewelry for your gift shop, church, hospital, etc. we can help you get it from trusted manufacturers. If you would like a piece of jewelry that is not currently on our website, please contact us and we will find a manufacturer to produce jewelry for your store. Years of experience in the Catholic jewelry trade help us make the process quick and easy. In addition, we do not charge extra for making samples. We believe that this is a step that helps both us and our customers to expand our business and thereby spread faith in the Lord.

We have simplified the ordering process to benefit both resellers who order thousands of different items per month, as well as small shops that need smaller quantities of custom jewelry. In addition to ordering through the website, you can send us an order from your system by email and we will manually add it to the website so that you can see it in the archive and so that payment can be made.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us by email and we'll be more than happy to provide all necessary answers.